Random Cost of Freedom

1-DSCN0513In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, we have come to know just how much freedom really does cost.  Fleeing the island because of a mandatory evacuation, I was glad to change scenery and break out of the rut we’d been in for over four years.  Now, even though we are still obligated to work and try and save enough to move on down the road, we are finally back in my beloved VW Bus, Peniki.

Work-camping among suburbanites and city-island dwellers has proven to be just what I had expected: constant scrutiny, all eyes upon us, and a bit unnerving at times.  Still, I am happy to be back in our camper van: free to live and see the sun rise and set, see the stars at night…in the quiet moonlight.  Once again, I am happy…no matter what judgement is lain upon us by ignorant ‘inside the box’ thinkers.

In my ‘opinion’, I am much richer than any of these sticks and bricks folks will ever be.  Because I welcome myself back from a long…long nap, I am letting go of all the things that have bound me and my family these past few years.  Mermaid Mansion is no longer on the market, mostly because she is worth MUCH more to us than anyone cares to offer.  Therefore, when we do hit the road in our Peniki bus, MM will be securely stored on family property; where she will be safe til we return to her again.  And although our future plans are tentative at best, we feel Blessed to have such freedom to choose a path less traveled.

*Here’s to freedom…no matter the cost!  And letting go of all that threatens to bound you to the ordinary and mundane*

Evacuating Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey Evacuation