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The Family Ties That Bind

Big Sis Mia Kisses Little Sissy Nixi

Sissy Kisses




July 28th 2010:
Well, it’s official!  Nixi is 10 months-old today!!  She is napping right now, but I suspect she’ll be waking up soon.  I’ll have to make this post shorter than my other ‘books’ I’ve previously posted.  lol
I was having a bit of a ‘shit’ day, and my oldest daughter Mia called me up to ask a funny question: “What was the name of the robot-maid on The Jetson’s?”.  Do what?  I had to laugh.  Still, we named-off several guesses, but knew we weren’t hitting the nail on the head….not even close.  So, I did what any curious lady would do–I searched it online.  :  ) 
Turns out, the name we couldn’t remember was ‘Rosie’–The Jetson’s robot-maid was named Rosie.  Funny that I could forget–or not remember that name in particular–since my mother-in-law is named Rosita (Rosie for short).  Oh well, the mystery was solved.  Mia, my daughter, said “Okay Mom, gotta go…at Six Flags now.”  Okay…  Why such a discussion came up at Six Flags, I’ll never know. 
Even though Mia is now a grown up, she is still such a kid.  I love her so very much!  Her face flashed into my head of when she was Nixi’s age…the years came and went like a flash!  Seems like only yesterday, Mia was doing all the things little Nixi is now challenging herself to master.  Standing up alone…?  Check!  Crawling everywhere…?  No problem!  Walking…?  Almost there, but not quite!  I give her a few weeks…at the most.  I’ll lose this baby weight yet!  :  )
Happy Hump-Day to All!  


     I went to a funeral reunion today.  That’s what I call a funeral in my family: it’s the only time my extended family ever really gets together.  ‘Sad…but true.  I saw people I hadn’t seen or spoken to in years, people I didn’t even know, people who didn’t know me.  My cousin passed away at the young age of 53, and of course my heart goes out to those who will miss her most; people who will have a noticable void in their lives because of her absence.

     It was great to see my sweet little Aunt Maxine; she was my mom’s big sister.  My Aunt Peggy–my mom’s younger sisiter–was the one who lost her daughter.  I hope God will bless and keep her well, and soothe her pain and grief.  But, it was so great to see and talk to my dear Aunt Mac (as my mom always referred to her older sibling), she reminds me so much of my mother.  My lovely, sweet mother who has been gone since July of 2003–I miss her more every day.  Not a day goes by that I don’t wish I could see her face, hear her voice, touch her hand…once again.  I noticed that my Aunt Mac’s hands remind me of Mom’s.  I had her jot down her phone number–I’m going to see her soon for lunch or just to make up for lost time.  I know my Mom would love to be there if she could; perhaps she’ll be watching from her peaceful tower.

     I stood and looked around me, realizing that the same blood running through my veins was pumping through the hearts of my relatives.  And although we might not be a part of each others’ lives, we cannot deny…or forget, the ties that bind us all.  We simply need to embrace every opportunity we have to pull together and weave a tighter fabric or a softer place to fall.

     If you happen upon this passage–who ever you are–I call on you to reach out to someone…anyone in your family, whether close or long-lost.  Don’t let another day go by before you pull the fabric of your family…just a little bit tighter.  I know you’ll be glad you did. 

     God Bless…and Best Wishes to You and Your Family!  :  )