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Thirteen years ago, I thought we might’ve been around the world a few times by now!  But alas, that thing called Life just keeps on getting in the way of my big plans to wander about this great big, beautiful globe!  A lot has changed these past few years:  we bought another boat — a classic 1968 Morgan 30, deep water cruiser — and we’ve been fixing her up since 2021.  Though lately…I’ve been going it alone a lot more than I’d ever planned at this stage of life.  I’m not complaining.  Sometimes we outgrow situations…and people.

We still love one another, Hubs and I, and we still haven’t nipped it off entirely.  And in the meantime, I feel we’ve both gotten quite used to going solo.  Our youngster goes there with her dad, then comes here to stay with me.  And as much as it hurts to know she likes it better on land…  Oh…!  I forgot to mention– I now live on my boat, Mystic Mermaid.  But, back to Baby liking it better on land– She does.  But Hubs and I have gotten used to sharing her.  :  )  We are working better together, apart, than we ever did when we lived under the same roof.  I am thankful we are still close, and have seemed to rewind back to the dating years; as odd as that may seem to some.  It works for us!

Even still, I count my blessings everyday, while still looking forward to that next big Road Trip in my Gypsy Bus. It couldn’t get any better than when I’m bumping down some slower-going, speed limit 55, state highway or bi-way…the wind in my locs, seeing places for the first…and maybe last time. You know… I used to think we might just float my old VW across to Europe someday.  But since acquiring this good old boat I love to call home, I feel like that’s a more suitable way to travel on water.

And, Yes…I’m still learning the ropes–or lines–of sailing!  Except I’m no longer on the lake.   I have since become that ‘little duck’ in a big pond. ; )  Now…for the rest of my ‘youth’ : ) I’ll be giving in to Wanderlust– On land by Bus… At Sea by Sail!

Bon Voyajee, Fair Winds, and Happy Travels! Maybe we’ll see you down the road…or cruising the coastline of El Caribe!

Peace & Love!



6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Just learned how to read my comments on Blogger and ran across yours!!! I am super excited about your restoration and I am so happy that I can follow along here with yours! if you have any questions please email me and I will be more than happy to help you out in any way that I can! 🙂 good luck and congrats on a fabulous Bus!!



    • Thanks Laura!! I’ve been rather out of touch lately; for a few months now, since my puter went down. So…no new blog posts to-date.
      I really appreciate your comment though. : )
      I’m trying to get pics and new video up for all to see–We just go back from a week-long camp on West Beach in Galveston. Our baby Nixi took her first steps on the soft sandy beach…on her 1st birthday. Yayyyy!!
      It was the reason for our trip this outing: for her birthday, and to encourage her to take her first steps on the soft beach sand.
      I can hardly wait to get my video up of the morning sunrise over the Gulf of Mexico. I caught it in full detail! And…we have footage of baby attempting to walk. Sooooo cute!
      As well, I’m sure I’ll be getting back in touch with much-needed pointers about the van. So far, we have yet to figure out what’s wrong with the sink’s pump faucet. It is lacking pressure, so won’t spit out any water without a complicated process of blowing down the fill tube while pumping. Looks rather silly too! haha
      Let me know if you have any suggestions? Thanks so much!
      Peace to you and Safe Travels!


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