About Me

I’d like to be able to say that I am a great success in life, I have a million and one friends who never let me down, and my body is to die for. But…that would all be a heap of rubbish. So, I’ll just try the truth; i’ve heard that works too.

By outward appearances, I am just a short, little, naturally bottle-blonde woman, who–so i’ve been told–pouts too much and often-times looks really put-off. But, what do those people know anyway. Right?

I’ve been told I look somewhat like Pamela Anderson (man, that guy must’ve been really drunk…or blind!). My reply to that sort of comment was usually something along the lines of “Hey Buddy…you need to look again!”, while looking down at my own chest. But since my big 00 ‘top-secret’ surgery, I just say “Thanks, we’re sisters…or cousins…twice removed.” Yada yada, so on and so forth.

Nah! All bullshiwawa aside… I’m not bad to look at, according to hubby, I have three beautiful/handsome children–my oldest daughter is 24, my son is almost 20, my youngest daughter is 3, and I am now a Grandmommy to the cutest little guy…ever. Wow!!!
Our plans have definitely changed somewhat since the expansion of our family, but we just can’t deny our endless Wanderlust.

Now, hubby and I have put a few things on hold and moved on to plan B! We’re always working to get our old VW Westy Camper Van ‘Peniki’ lookin’ all shiny and new again. It’s a labor of love…one might say. Still, we have plans to hit the road; baby in tow. : )
I say… “Why Not?!”

Meantime…it’s on to my next novel, while I continue to promote my first book Sophi’s Shoe Fetish, while we also fine-tune our original songs and work on marketing our first CD for Gypsy Vin Rose; mine and hubbies ‘love child vocal duo band’. All the while, I chase my little’n and teach her everything I think she needs to know. She’s a smart one…she is!

I count my blessings everyday, while still looking forward to that next-big Road Trip in our vintage Hippie Van. It couldn’t get any better than traveling around the U.S. in Peniki. We used to think we might just float her across to Europe someday. Hey! It could happen. : ) But there’d be no need for that, now that we’ve gone and acquired our sailboat Peniki II; a San Juan 24 that we saved from being scrapped. *video of clean up coming soon* We’re currently learning the ropes–or lines–of sailing on the lake so we can someday take her to the coast and become the ‘little duck’ in a big pond. ; )

God Bless, Fair Winds, and Happy Travels! Maybe we’ll see you down the road…or cruising the coastline of El Caribe!


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Just learned how to read my comments on Blogger and ran across yours!!! I am super excited about your restoration and I am so happy that I can follow along here with yours! if you have any questions please email me and I will be more than happy to help you out in any way that I can! 🙂 good luck and congrats on a fabulous Bus!!



    • Thanks Laura!! I’ve been rather out of touch lately; for a few months now, since my puter went down. So…no new blog posts to-date.
      I really appreciate your comment though. : )
      I’m trying to get pics and new video up for all to see–We just go back from a week-long camp on West Beach in Galveston. Our baby Nixi took her first steps on the soft sandy beach…on her 1st birthday. Yayyyy!!
      It was the reason for our trip this outing: for her birthday, and to encourage her to take her first steps on the soft beach sand.
      I can hardly wait to get my video up of the morning sunrise over the Gulf of Mexico. I caught it in full detail! And…we have footage of baby attempting to walk. Sooooo cute!
      As well, I’m sure I’ll be getting back in touch with much-needed pointers about the van. So far, we have yet to figure out what’s wrong with the sink’s pump faucet. It is lacking pressure, so won’t spit out any water without a complicated process of blowing down the fill tube while pumping. Looks rather silly too! haha
      Let me know if you have any suggestions? Thanks so much!
      Peace to you and Safe Travels!


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