Escaping Corona in a VW Bus

I know it’s been quite a while since I shared with the world. But this past year just hasn’t been ‘normal’ for anyone I know; including myself. For months I’ve longed to pack up and get on with living, to nowhere in particular. With so many folks losing their battles with this tragedy of Covid, I knew I couldn’t stay put any longer.

Leading up to these past few months, I felt a calling to layer more color on my old bus. I was tired of just flowers, and I had a story-of-sorts to tell. So I just got to it! I started layering paint on my Hip Gypsy VW, not knowing exactly what I’d end up with. I was in a state of zen. –Or, perhaps, tranquility? It doesn’t require a label all the time…to do something you can’t really explain. I just felt I needed to paint these scenes of my version of the Colorado Rockies that I so fell in love with last year. I couldn’t help myself to create differing scenes all around; painting a glowing mermaid on the other side of the mountains, and sunrise in front…a sunset in back. It tells a bit about ‘me’, who I am and how much I love so many things about this beautiful planet, and the gifts of Mother Nature.

This collage of memories is just the beginning of so many Bus-Ventures I hope to share with anyone who wishes to see. Of course we practice social distancing while we’re out there in the wild blue yonder! And even though we’re putting quite a dent in the money we’ve been trying to save all year, it’s been very worth every dime!

I hope this entry finds you and your loved ones safe and well during this pandemic time. I pray for us all!