Hurricane Harvey Evacuation

So it only took a hurricane…and a mandatory evacuation, to get our home on the road!  This being my first hurricane, I didn’t know what to expect…so we packed what we could carry on Peniki or our tiny home on wheels, and we evacuated.  I thought that’s what ‘mandatory evacuation’ meant!  ‘Leave with what you can.’

Never mind that we left a mess behind of bits and parts that were attached to our Mermaid Mansion.  And never mind that the old BAG living in her ‘double wide on stilts’, felt compelled to take a pic of what we left during our evac; sending it ever-so tattletale-ish to the owner of the lot we’d been planted on for waaaaay too long.  And never mind the phone call from said land owner, asking us what was going on?

To which I replied something along the lines of, “Well, we were told to leave…so we did.”  I didn’t realize that we were expected to stick around and tie up those loose ends while #HurricaneHarvey blew our way.  Really, it’s not like me to leave such ends untied, but when it comes down to protecting our family and home (that we stayed put faaaar too long to remodel); I guess I might tend to be a bit…hasty.  I meant no disrespect to anyone; not even the old BAT next door!  I guess humanity only exists on the news.

#RhythmOfTheRoad #HurricaneHarveyEvacuation #TinyHomeOnWheels #LeavingLooseEnds

Evacuating Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey Evacuation

2 thoughts on “Hurricane Harvey Evacuation

  1. You did exactly what you were supposed to do you don’t clean up you grab what you can and get out. If he wanted anything else he’s a total ass not a good landlord or person. Your safety was what comes first. I love you guys and I’m so glad you’re safe. You come down and stay with me in the Keys will get you back up and running.

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    • Our dear friend, how could we have known two weeks ago, that Hurricane Irma, a Category 5, would be hitting the Keys this past week! And you stayed put. And, since then, no one has heard from you?!
      We are heart-broken that we have not heard from you; when…at last live stream, the water was pouring through your windows. Please be okay?! Please contact us?! We are so worried. (8″” ((( We love you! X’s 3


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