Over 40 Investing: Dreads, Coffee, and FORBES Magazine

Investing Over 40 — Dreads, Coffee, and FORBES Magazine

Fifty Something World

Financial Freedom Affords One The Easy Life Financial Freedom Affords One The Easy Life

Sitting with my coffee and the latest issue of FORBES Magazine, I get in-touch with a different side of myself.  It may seem a bit far-fitting that a dread-headed, stay-at-home-schooling-mom who strives to live a simple life below her means…would be into financial jargon; researching this, or analyzing that.  But that’s just one of the many sides of me.

The fact that I’m buying into my future by ‘flirting’ with the stock market—all-be-it at a very ‘newby’ level…at best—in order to try and secure financial independence, just means that I’ve come-to-realize that being ‘freely employed’ doesn’t tend to offer a 401K package or contribute much to Social Security.  Buying shares and taking my chances with the market just seems the smartest move to this forty-something investor.

I’m satisfied that opening an IRA account at my age is better late than never. …

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