Glamper Home Bathroom Remodeling — New Faucets & Bamboo Sink Countertop Redo

Even though my Hubby Nico installed these new faucets in our Caravan Glamper bathroom months ago, I still wanted to share.  We’ve so enjoyed these pretty, and very cost efficient, RV faucets.  They’ve been on of the best, and cheapest, upgrades we’ve made to our Mermaid Mansion Glamping Home.

We bought these online, and paid less than $60.00 for BOTH!  The shipping was also free.  It was high-time we did replace the old, super leaky…and oh-so-ugly, faucets that’d been in our caravan camper since it was built.  Because we let the vanity sink faucet leak for too long, we had to completely redo our bamboo bathroom counter…that Hubby had only completed less than a year ago.  If you follow the link, you’ll also see the old, leaky faucet.

I won’t gripe about it now; since the new sink counter turned out MUCH prettier than before.  This time, we poured polyurethane glaze over it, and brushed it into the crevices between the bamboo paint stick stirrers.  And…we glazed it clear, instead of with any shade of stain.  Definitely recommended to stain bamboo in clear!  Much prettier!!

So, here ya go!  Here is the outcome, in photos, of our new bathroom fixtures in Mermaid Mansion.  I hope it inspires you in some way.  Blessings & .V..

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