Bathroom Sink Countertop — Before & After Pics

Caravan Bathroom Counter-top From Bamboo Stir Sticks…for Paint

Caravan & Travel Trailer Remodeling

Okay….I wish I would’ve gotten better ‘before’ pics, but I’m posting the most accurate one I have.  The After photo is as recent as today.  Hubby redid the old fiberboard and formica top in one day…because it was crumbling to smithereens, and about to fall through.  

We used the items we had on-hand, which is why he replaced it with Bamboo Stir Sticks that he’d been saving for about a year or more.  You know the kind you use to stir paint?  Only difference is these are real bamboo.  Either way, we had to use the stain we had on-hand from a previous job, or we would’ve opted for a lighter tone…had we had the funds to do so. 

Either way…I hope our desperate attempts at replacing our bathroom counter-top will inspire you in some way.  I was truly inspired by the outcome.  Enjoy!  :  )  

Blessings &…

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