A VW Westfalia & Hippies at Heart: Big Lagoon SRA, Florida

Day 13:

Woke up to a quiet morning; the night before had extended into morning.  Not feeling so ‘spry’ this particular day.  On the up-side, Perdido Key is beautiful!  I LOVE It!  We had early visitors this morning: camp-hosts Ronnie and his wife Lonnie.  They invited us to a barbecue at their site at around 3 pm today…Sunday.

We decided to ride bikes around Big Lagoon but somehow ended up walking them through the sandy swamps instead.  I was scared…to say the least.  Kinda like someone, rather some ‘thing‘, was looking at the buffet table and we were on it.  Eeeeekkk!  Not a good feeling!  My gut-instinct hadn’t been too far off the truth, I realized around the bend…as we crossed over a ‘gator infested’ lake.  Ugggg!

Finally, after we found our way back to camp, we readied for the barbecue and headed on over.  It was fun meeting everyone; all sitting around in a circle…camp-fire style.  I had a bite to eat (Nico and I took turns with baby, feeding her and ourselves) and washed it down with a ‘friendly’ debate with an old lady (Lonnie’s Mom ‘Oh my!’), about green vs. more rigs and refineries.  No winner there!

On a lighter note, we later sang our songs for everyone in the circle, and I guess the family thing kinda tugged a little at my heart-strings, since I got all choked up thinking of my mom and how much I miss her everyday.

After telling everyone “thanks” and “see ya’ll later”, we headed on back to camp.  We were tired, so a quiet evening of contemplating the next day’s travels was definitely in order.  Lovely night…it was.

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