A Volkswagen Westfalia & Hippies at Heart: Day 9 Buccaneer SP & Day 10 to Alabama

Day 9:

Woke up and cooked breakfast, had coffee, and watched Dora with Bop.  Fun!  I love our cartoon mornings.  :  )  And although I am still feeling rather exhausted, it’s a pretty day with calmer winds here on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi.

After a bit of a discussion, Nico and I decided we’d rest for another day here at Buccaneer SP; if not for our own sake…for that of the van.  Peniki needs a bit of TLC, so…hopefully, Mr. Mechanic won’t dawdle too much and get down to the business of why Peniki keeps stalling out.

Fast forward to after noon:  Peniki’s carburetor was aaaaaall clogged with rust…siphoned from the rusty old gas tank.  The main problem, so it seems, is that the van was left to sit for years with only a piece of aluminum foil for a gas cap.  Meanwhile, bugs…rain…muck muck of all kinds found a way into the tank.  So…we continue with the saga of needing to replace (no VW Westy tanks in existence anywhere) the tank, or take it off completely (after removing the engine) to clean it thoroughly.  For now…the carb cleaning will just have to suffice.

This day was more leisurely; while we weren’t working on the van, we were just relaxing or riding bikes, taking baby to the playground and all.  Still, in order to make our next destination–Alabama–by tomorrow, we’ll have to start preparing tonight.  Fun…fun….fun!  Oh well, so they say: Anything worth having in life doesn’t come easily.  I’ll Say!!

Day 10:

Woke up early and cooked breakfast…had coffee…the usual, and made tacos for later that day.  Continued packing for our long stretch from the Mississippi Gulf to the Alabama Coast.  Baby was fed, changed…and situated in her play-pen to tinker with her toys while we tied-up the loose ends before hitting the road for a long day’s drive.  The day is calm…the sky is blue…and the van has been flushed of rust.  We are ready to head on out!

Pulled out of Buccaneer at around 1:30 in the afternoon…with little incident.  Baby fell asleep before we made it a mile down the road.  The hum of the van and the voices of Mom and Dad soothe her to sleep in no time at all.  It makes me happy to know she is comfortable and soundly sleeping right within an arms reach.  It makes me miss my two older kids; wishing they too could be just within reach of a hug.  I try to make a call to my kiddos back home, but no service out here.  I’ll try again soon.

We stopped for a while at the beach as we were leaving Buccaneer–its beautiful…calm today–and Nico took a few pics of me picking up seashells.  With baby still sleeping, Nico had to snap photos from the van, but I didn’t take too long…knowing we had to get going.  I collected some small shells and some Mississippi Gulf sand in a little jar I had on hand.  My bit of memory to take along-home and smell whenever I need to sense the salt air.  Amazingly, it does smell of the fresh ocean breeze and MS sand I will always cherish.

I pray for a safe trip this stretch…once we get back on the road.  I wish the past few days had been so lovely and calm.  We’ll be travelling East on scenic Coastal Highway 90 all the way to the Alabama state line.

*Note to Self*  Mississippi beach sand is much whiter and smoother than in Texas.

A while down Hwy 90, we stopped in the little seaside town of Pass Christian, MS and played on the sugary white beach.  Bop had woke-up from her nap, so we decided to have some fun-in-the-sun and play in the water.  Beautiful Day!

We followed Highway 90 East all the way along the beach, with ocean views all the way.  Surreal…completely unbelievable!  Running parallel with Interstate 10 along the coast, it’s easy to see that Hwy 90 is a much more scenic route.  Stopping to snap a few pics in Biloxi of the old Lighthouse, we decide to have a bite to eat before trudging onward to AL.

Crossed into Alabama at around 5: 50 pm.  Yippee!  I always celebrate with a little cheer and dance in my seat when we cross another state line.  Our plan is to turn South on Hwy 188 and head down to Bayou La Batre of ‘Forrest Gump’ fame; one of our all-time favorite movies.

We wandered in to Bayou La Batre at 6:30 or so and stopped for libations and ice.  Deciding to head to Dauphin Island this side of the Ferry boat to Fort Pierce, AL.  We had initially planned on making it across the bay to the state park somewhere over there, but had to curb that plan because we were tired and it was getting late.  Our passage to the other side will have to wait until another day.

No worries!  Dauphin Island is a very Hamptonesque, bike-friendly place…with bike and pedestrian paths lining the ocean side streets.  We really love it on Dauphin Isle so far.  So…a bit down the road and almost to the end of the island, we stumble-upon Dauphin Island Campground.  After paying for a night, we set to work on the drive-away tent and settle in for the evening.  What a day!  But at this point…it is sooo worth it.  We have been Blessed!  I look forward to exploring this new and exciting place tomorrow.  I can hardly contain my excitement.  Lovely!!!

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