A VW Westy & Hippies at Heart: Day 7 and 8 from Franklinton, LA to Buccaneer S P, Miss

Day 7:

Walked around Franklinton with Nixi; not straying too far from the Inn.  Managed to check out the local discount grocery store just across the street from where we were staying.  Caught a bit of relaxing between doing laundry and packing up for our next stretch of the journey.  The next day, would be a busy one for sure!

Day 8:

Packed up van and checked out of Inn.  At Auto Zone, we waited for our part to arrive while I did a bit of grocery shopping; buying items I knew we’d need out on the road.  Nico went and checked out the discount store next to the grocer and came back with a brand new, pink fishing pole for me…complete with my very own tackle box.  I love it!  ‘Can’t wait to put it to good use.  *jumping for joy*

Finally, at just after 1 pm, the part had arrived…so Nico quickly got started putting it on Peniki, right there in the parking lot.  Did we really have another choice?  We made do with the hand we’d been dealt and made it work.

Less than an hour later, we pulled out of Franklinton going East on Hwy 16; deciding to take an alternate route from the original one we’d intended.  Take 2 on attempting to make it back over the state line to Mississippi and Buccaneer State Park on the Gulf Coast.  Same day…different problem: the van stalled out a few times on the way to the S.P.  Luckily, we weren’t on a bridge where there is no shoulder to pull over and tinker with the van…again.  This time, the fuel lines were clogged.  Nico quickly fixed and we were once again on our way to Miss.

Travelling South/East on Hwy 16 from Franklinton, down to Hwy 41 South was a scenic route indeed.  We saw so many fascinating things along the way; scenic bridges and draw-bridges (I didn’t even know they existed these days), and snaking along Coastal Hwy 90 headed East was awe-inspiring; seeing the pines give-way to the palms and eventually the sugar-white sand of Mississippi’s Gulf Coastal Beaches.  After fighting the traffic in Waveland, it was a welcome sight.  I only wished the temperament of the ocean had co-operated.

After many miles and a few incidents with the van, we had finally arrived at Buccaneer.  I think it was around 7 pm or so, but either way, we quickly found a spot right across from the Gulf and set-to-work on camp, only to have to tear it down a short time later.  Being right across from the water on such a windy day proved to be very uncomfortable and attempting to put up the drive-away tent was useless.  Forget it!  The winds were gale-force and the weather rather cloudy.  We knew it wouldn’t get better into the night.

We ended up setting up camp closer to the back, tucked within the tall trees of Buccaneer, where the wind was only a breeze.  It was already dark by then, and so…we decided to call it a night.  Unfortunately, sleep didn’t find any of us…baby had a tummy ache (thank goodness for Little Tummies), so we did what we always do to soothe her gassiness.  It was not a good or restful night!  I could only pray we would have a better tomorrow.  I prayed for strength and patience.

Sunrise the next morning, we were better-able to assess our campsite and realized we weren’t exactly secluded, but were in the middle of ‘padded sites’.  Yikes!  We hoped that baby hadn’t disturbed anyone nearby the night before.  Hubby decided to go pay for our spot and see about another night.  We wanted to be primitive, but somehow we’d ended up in the full hook-up section; always our last choice when we have a choice.  While he was gone, I greeted a few friendly passersby and discovered a new bicycle seat that a lady had on the front of her bike for her grand-baby.  It was secured just in front of her seat and behind the handle bars on the frame-structure of the bike.  [Mental Note] I have to get one of those for Nixi.

So…a bit later, here comes Hubby back saying we have to pull-up camp…again!  Okay, better get it done so we can relax and enjoy the rest of the day, I say to myself.  A little while later, we are much happier in our primitive spot at Buccaneer, so we settle in and decide to go for a ride on our bikes.  The day is beautiful!  The wind is a bit calmer…and we are in no hurry.  Today looks like a better day indeed!  *Happy Happy Girl!*

That night, we light a campfire and roast (rather burn) some ears of corn.  It was fun!  I realized then that I have a lot to learn about camping.  Even in my forties…I am still so naive about so much.  Then it struck me: I will never be too old to learn something new.  Peaceful dreams and some much-needed rest finally found me that night.  Thank You dear Father.  Thank You!


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