A Volkswagen Westy & Hippies at Heart: Day 6 of Peniki Adventure

‘Relaxing for another day at the Inn in Franklinton, La…we decided to do family stuff with Nixi since it was Easter Sunday.  In the meantime, I was taking advantage of the WiFi and catching up on my blog and writing….keeping up with friends.  After heading to the Dollar Store to buy a few Easter things for Bop, we packed up a few necessities in baby’s bike trailer…jumped on our bikes and headed out into the unknown.

A little ways down the road, we happened upon a fish market where we stopped and picked up a few pounds of shrimp and a bit of fish to cook at next camp.  This was a dream come to life: biking to the fish market…picking up fresh fish and shrimp.  I had wanted so badly to do this very thing….and there we were.  It was a happy Easter for me!

Leaving the fish market, we headed for the city park where we would hide the eggs for Bop and enjoy the day.  That next day it would be time to hit the road again.  We could only hope there would be no hold up on the part for our van.  Enjoying the rest of our ride through rural LA, we returned to the Inn to plan the next day’s travels.  It’d been a good Easter Sunday in Franklinton.

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