A VW Westfalia & Hippies at Heart: Day 5 of Peniki Road Trip Adventure

Left out of Homochitto National Forest at around 12:30 in the afternoon and headed east on El Camino towards 98 E…hoping to cross state line to Alabama by day’s end.  It didn’t look promising at this point.  Stopped just west of entering Hwy 98 in Bude, MS for ice and gas.  A while later, were crossing back into LA from MS at around 2:30 or so and heading south to State Highway 90 and Buccaneer State Park on Mississippi’s Gulf Coast.  We decided we would try to head east to Alabama the next day.

But, most travelers know, things don’t always go as planned.  Peniki started to stall out in LA after crossing from Miss, and we are getting a bit worried at what might be happening with our old van.  Nico is becoming frustrated that nothing he has tried seems to work this time.  ‘We just gotta make it back over to Mississippi today!’  Such were the thoughts crossing my mind.

In the end, we had barely made it through Franklinton, LA before the van went caput and didn’t want to go anymore.  So…there we were, stranded outside of town, too far to walk, too far to ride our bikes.  And what to do with Blanca?  We didn’t know.  So, Nico got back there and ‘MacGyvered’ it all up while I fed and changed Bop, who had no clue anything was other than normal as she played with Blanca and I played with her and we both played with a few of her toys we had brought along.  It looked rather grim for a bit, but…just as always, my wonderful husband didn’t give up and he got Peniki going again.

He had found the problem–the fuel pump–and had taken it apart…done whatever it is he knows to do, put it back together again and informed me that we had to head back to Franklinton and find an auto parts store.  So…on a wing and a prayer, we headed back, found an Auto Zone and were told it would be Tuesday (I believe it was Thursday that day), before the part would arrive.  We decided to make the best of a ‘not as bad as it could have been’ situation and settle in at the local Inn since there were absolutely no campgrounds anywhere close.

Even though we still had plenty of cash in the ‘kitty’, we knew this little set-back would take a heavy toll on our budget.  But our Father works in mysterious ways, I always say, and it just-so-happened that the owner of the Inn–upon discovering that Nico has ‘skills’ under the hood–needed his AC fixed.  What luck that Nico bargained with ‘Bob’ and got half our room rent for free!  Wow!  What luck!  I was so proud that my husband had that Bob’s AC blowing cold again in less than an hour.  Our budget might just be saved after all.

We settled in to enjoy an air-conditioned room with all amenities, and a ‘much appreciated’ WiFi signal so I could actually get some writing done and update my blog.  The day had ended nicely after all.  I knew we had been blessed that day.  Amen!

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