A VW Westy & Hippies at Heart: Day 4 of Peniki Road Trip


Pulled out of Kisatchie National Forest at around 11:30 am; earlier than usual.  Stopped for gas in Winnfield, LA…and to check weird vibration on camper-top which turned out to be the straps and tie-downs.

Nixi was a bit fussy this morning as we were readying to leave Kisatchie N F, but fell fast-asleep just before we hit Winnfield for our first pit-stop of the day.  I pray we have safe and easy travels today; lots of wind but a beautiful day.  Still in Winnfield, we stopped at a little old-fashioned store called Mac’s Fresh Market and I found myself wishing we had a market like this back home.  All in all, we bought bread, mayo, tomatoes, and numerous other items; filling three bags for only twenty-three dollars.  Not bad…not bad indeed!  I’m sold on Mac’s Market!!

Bought spare fuel line, just in case, at Napa in Winnfield before heading on down the road.  Miles down scenic El Camino East/West Corridor, we passed through Jena, LA.  What a lovely little town, I think to myself as I snap photo after photo.  Made another pit-stop in Jonestown for some beverages: nice people and lots of looks and comments on Peniki.  Vidalia, LA was our last stop before crossing over the Mississippi River to Natchez…around 3:00 in the afternoon.

Beautiful!  Different!  Better!!  Mississippi Pine Forests are Spectacular!  We found our way a while later to Homochitto National Forest for one night of camping.  The going rate?  A total of $7.00 for a primitive site.  Awe-inspiring pines reaching a mile into the sky encircled our secluded campsite; a bit of earth perched high above a steep slope of ferns, and lush foliage down a narrow path…hidden from the rest of the campsites.  The feeling that I was being protected by the Grandfather Pines kept coming into my thoughts.  Grandfather.  Serenity.  Faith.  Love.  Hope.  Inspiration.  Spirituality.  I felt like I was being watched-over by one of my forefathers.  Perhaps someone I never knew.  Maybe a distant loved one who has been watching over me since my first existence.  A feeling…a belief.  I never wanted to leave such a sense of ‘safe’.

I plan on researching this area, Homochitto National Forest.  I know…I feel, it must be sacred ground.  I pray for a path to follow to know more of this place.  I know, Grandfather Pines, we will meet again.

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