VW Westy & Hippies at Heart: Day 2 of Peniki Road Trip

Pulled out of R Place Campground around 1 o’clock in the afternoon, and headed East on Scenic Highway 84… El Camino East/West Corridor.  We were hoping to make it over the state line to Louisiana before day’s end.

A little way before we met Tanaha, TX we were passed-up by a school bus…the short one.  Lol  A few miles down the road in Joaquin, TX we stopped to pic-nic at a little wayside park.  After fueling up and purchasing a few ‘must have’ items for baby, we were off once again.

As I sat at the right hand of ‘Captain Nic’, I anxiously awaited passing over into LA, and snapped pic after pic…just so I wouldn’t forget a thing along the way.  And then…at around 4:30 pm or so, we noticed that the highway signs were no longer shaped like Texas.  We were in LA and hadn’t even  noticed the stateline.  Lucky for me, I was filming and caught it all on video.

The scenic bridge in the bordering town of Logansport, would’ve been a great miss had I not been behind the video camera.  ‘Funny how things work out that way.

‘Had a bit of trouble with the van carb/fuel lines just before we hit Clarence, and were hoping we’d make it to a campground before nightfall.  In mid-Louisiana, we came up on a drunk midget at Saline Lake RV Park on Stump’s Camp Road and decided not to stay.

Finally stopped for the night at Kisatchie National Forest at the Gum Springs Trail Head.  The beautiful…gracefully tall pines were a safe-harbor for us, and had we had a horse, the corrals scattered throughout would’ve been a great use.  The peaceful lake at the foothills of our camp was mesmerizing indeed.  It felt like a dream come to life.  We were finally on our adventure, after a year of waiting and wondering if it ever would be.

That night, we built a lovely campfire, delicious with warmth in the big wilderness.  We gazed up at the stars, and realized how small we really are in this universe.  What a spectacular universe in which to live…in which to love…in which to explore and discover.  ‘More stars than all the riches in the world!  I thought of my older kids back in Texas, and wished I could have them all so young as Nixi…so we could all be together discovering nature on our grand adventure.  Some day…some day.

2 thoughts on “VW Westy & Hippies at Heart: Day 2 of Peniki Road Trip

  1. Glad y’all had a good time. Am from around the area. Have camped and hunted in kisatchie as well. I get my beer sometimes at silver dollar lol.


    • I’m guessing you saw the pic of us at Silver Dollar? : ) That was pretty early on in our road trip. We like Louisiana. Really hoping to head back down the road in that direction…someday soon.
      Thanks for reading our blog, and Mucho thanks for the comment.


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