A VW Westfalia & Hippies at Heart: Day 3 of Peniki Adventure

Kisatchie National Forest:

“Woke up around midnight freezing from the sudden drop in temperature; a cold front and rain had blown through parts of LA and around Kisatchie NF area.  Nico found us a warmer blanket and we fell snuggly back to sleep until Bop (Nixi’s nickname) woke us up at the crack of dawn.  We secured her in the seat, gave her a morning snack of fruit and turned on Dora; hoping for a little ‘Mommy/Daddy’ time.

But when you have a toddler, most parents know, couples’ time is rare…and this day was no different.  My laptop went dead before we had hoped and so…it was time to get up, fix breakfast and start mapping out the day’s plans.  In the end, because the place was so peaceful and quiet and because Kisatchie was only $3.00 a day on the honor system for a primitive site with water near by and bathrooms you might (or might not) want to use, we decided to stay another day.

After we pulled up camp just to move to a better spot farther from the highway and closer to the trail and the lake, we decided to have some fun on the bikes.  The time was ours for the enjoying, and enjoy…we did.  Kisatchie was definitely worth the money and the trip.  Beautiful, sacred land.  …Just lovely!  I would recommend it to anyone who can sustain their camp w/o electricity.  We have several solar or generator charged battery back-ups, a sink with pump water on board, an ice box, and solar shower/toilet arrangement.  We were all set to sit tight for as long as two weeks.

What a fun day it was!  A memory I will never forget of primitive family fun in the wilderness.  I thought of my older kids and wished they could be there too.  Which brought me back to the realization that nothing in life is ever perfect, but this was darn close.

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