A VW Westy & Hippies at Heart: Easter Adventures w/ Nixi

Today was a good day; a day I know I will always remember even though nothing really spectacular happened, unless you want to count us riding bikes all over this town where we have landed.  For me…being able to ride a bicycle ‘up hill’ is a very big deal!  As for Nico, he was not only riding up hill, but pulling little Nixi behind him in her bicycle trailer that also converts into a stroller.  I knew we’d eventually put it to good use.

So…now I’m sipping a cold one, watching my hubby shave in his tighty blues *lol* and enjoying a moment of peace and quiet…and time to share my thoughts.  These simple, seemingly unimportant times are the moments that become memories and priceless buried treasures I can choose to share, or keep forever buried in my own mind.  I pray that if you are reading this, your Easter was as priceless as ours.

God Bless, Happy Easter & Happy Travels!

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