A VW Westy & Hippies at Heart: Prepping for the BIG Trip

*All Posts are running about a week or so behind due to non-existent internet connection.*

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way…

We kinda got off to a sloooow start last week when we finally got around to sorting through storage stuff and things we thought we’d need.  Then!

Now, I’ve already put together a huge trashbag full of things I now realize I do not need and never really have.  So…we spent the day at storage, working some of the time…playing most of the time.  But it never fails that we forgot to take a few things and were right back on the road again to storage the very next day.

My mom used to tell me I’d lose my head is it wasn’t attached.  Boy…am I ever glad it’s attached!

Happy Travels!!!


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