Westfalia’s & Hippie Chicks: Falling off the Grid

Well…it looks as though we might just be on the home stretch to ‘getting outta town’.   Finally…!  We’ve been packing up for two days, and are still at it today.  Ugh!!!  *the cavewoman is back*  I am soooo exhausted!  I’d forgotten how much ‘shi…’ we have; waaaaay too much!  Good new is: most of it will be going to storage to keep the rest of our junk company.  We have to pack light for the BIG adventure!

And while I wish I could say we’re heading out right away; our travels elude us still.  We’ll be spending the next few days with my adult daughter.  Then…we’re outta here!!!

For now, I’m signing off of my ‘sure thing’ WiFi signal…until my Mobile Broadband arrives.  Yay!!


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