The Chronicles of Motherhood: Helping to Pick Up the Pieces

Okay…!  So I gave in–I just could’t sit by and let my little girl (yes, she is 22, but…still) fall down any longer.  You see…?  Not too long ago, back in February, my daughter found out she is with-child.  Then…only about a week later, her ‘baby daddy’ was murdered in the streets of Dallas.  It was a nightmare come-to-life. 

Needless to say, we (…I) had to be there for her; she was in a really bad way.  Which, would be the case for just about anyone with feelings.  Either way, we were there, though we could do little to help the pain and grief…the sudden shock.  So…here we are a month or two later and my daughter is finally out of Dallas.  Hurray!!!  We had begged and pleaded with her to leave it all behind and start fresh in another place, where the people are more ‘upstanding’ (she’d been hanging with a questionable crowd), and she can be closer to us while we are in town.  Also, she really needed to get out of the place she had shared with her man.  As hard as it was, I knew it was best for her healing process.

So…now, she is set up in a new apartment, we had to help her a bit with utilities and all, but she is due to start a new job this weekend…and (needless to say) I am a very proud mom.  I followed my heart, stayed out of the way just enough to give her a chance to do things on her own, and jumped in only when I couldn’t stand to see her struggling anymore.  I know I have to give her just enough rope to hold onto, but never enough to ‘hang herself’ (not literally…of course), as the old saying goes. 

Now, after tying up a few loose ends, it looks like we are all set to take off for our big adventure.  I’m feeling that Wanderlust….all over again!  And, even though it may seem cruel and uncaring to leave my oldest daughter in such condition, I know she is A-Ok!  We have a plan…it has been discussed.  Everything we do…we do for the love of our entire family: grown kids and all!  I know we will be together soon, in the place where we belong and can live our BEST life! 

Cheers to all Moms of Grown Children!  May God be with you and yours!!

Ching Ching!!!


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