Westfalias & Hippie Chicks: Van’s New Tiki Curtains



I finally finished the van curtains a few weeks back; ‘just now getting around to writing about it though.  So are the days of a Nomad trying to prep for more travels.
If I had my way, we’d live in a different state every MONTH. I really can’t describe this wandering feeling that tends to overcome me when the warm winds begin to blow. Actually (correction), it comes w/o notice, but it is so intense that I can’t possibly ignore it; like a gravitational pull in another direction.
Either way…I’ll be happy to wake up each morning to the new van curtains I designed/sewed just recently. It felt good to create something of such use to us and our privacy/happiness/comfort when we are on the road or camping-out in our Westy.
‘Just a little longer. I can hardly contain my excitement. We’ll soon be seeing the sun rise/set from where ever we land.
Happy Travels to all! ‘Livin the dream!!! Because, life’s too short not to.

2 thoughts on “Westfalias & Hippie Chicks: Van’s New Tiki Curtains

  1. HELLO out there in the little WESTY, you have just been granted your wish of living in a different state every month LOL, sorry just couldn’t resist it, just put that westy in the wind and you will be there soon. I am trying to get the GRAYDAWG ready to roll myself, its a 1964 GM PD4106 35’BUS retired greyhound, hence the name. bought it right and already crudely converted, but updating with electric, plumbing, just about everything includeing a woodburning stove, have the room for a LIL SWEETIE by voglezang. write soon there are folks listening, I am in Shreveport,La near I-20 if you get close jamesdormansmith@yahoo.com ——–James in da GRAYDAWG


    • Thanks so much James, Graydawg sounds super Kewlio! I love having our little home on wheels. There’s nothing more liberating than knowing we can take care of ourselves and have a roof over our heads no matter where we land. I keep up with a yahoo group called ‘Vandwellers’, and get a lot of very useful information there. Have you ever heard of them; perhaps you’re already a member? Either way, it’s a great thread to follow.
      As for us getting out LA way: Our course has been charted and…yes, Louisiana is on the map. We have some family there, not too far from New Orleans. We’re headed East, towards the coastal towns and laid-back lifestyle. I pray for safe travels and a thoroughly enjoyable journey. Wish us luck! And good luck to you and Graydawg. Happy and Safe Travels!
      Thanks so much for writing. I love hearing from other like-minded nomads out there. : )


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