Westfalias & Hippie Chicks

So it finally seems we’ll be heading out soon.  *still crossing fingers*  Nico and I have been working on our music a bit tonight; we need a few more to complete a gig.  ‘Guess it might be a while before that happens, but here’s hoping. 

I’ve been rather busy this past week completing the new curtains for our Classic Campmobile.  I just love that old van.  I wonder if it’s possible to be in love with a van?  If it is…then I am!  From the first time I spotted her in a backyard…all lonely and forgotten, I knew I just had to have that particular  Westy.  Come to find out, more than 3 years later, she was destined to be mine after-all.  Cheers to hard-headed women who never give up.  Ching Ching to women like me! 

So, I’m sure I could say more at this point about our upcoming journey (especially since I’ve been w/o my puter for over a week), but I’ll just leave it here for now.  Content to say, or admit, that while I am carrying an aweful lot of guilt for even wanting to go traveling when my oldest daughter will be having a baby around September (guessing), I feel that each day should be lived to the fullest, and living in this big, crazy, land-locked, hub-bub crazy-drivers-everywhere, congested and sprawling city just isn’t the life I want to live. 

Nico and I want to bring Nixi up in a small town, friendly face, slower pace environment.  And hopefully, with much prayer involved, we can establish ourselves and build a home where both of my adult children will want to live and join us…someday soon.  That will be the day when all will be perfect in my life.   I pray…please Father?  I pray…

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