A Hippie Chick and Her Westfalia

I finally had a chance to drive my Westy this past weekend.  Even though it is technically my van, I rarely get the chance to drive her because of problems with the fuel tank.  

Anyone who has ever owned one of these vintage Campmobiles knows that if-ever it is left to sit (the gas in the tank) for very long, it either turns to muck if left full, or rusts if left empty.  So…that is the ‘next’ problem we are aiming to tackle; or Hubby is that is.  All I do is track down the parts and purchase them; Hubby installs and fine-tunes when the parts arrive.  We work in shifts around here.  ;  )

But, needless to say, it gets REALLY frustrating that I can’t drive the van as often as I’d like to because, like most ‘mothers of toddlers’, I do not wish to get out in this crazy-city traffic and stall-out in the middle of the road.  Yes, it happens to us all the time lately; a regular part of our weekend outings.

‘Not a problem for Hubby; he gets back there and just fixes whatever’s wrong, and we’re back on the road in no time at all.  Me…?  I haven’t-a-clue what to do when/if the van kills-over on me.  And being out and about with little Nixi is not good if I break down in the middle of crazy traffic with her in the van.  Not safe….not at all!  So, I just leave the driving to Hubby…and eagerly await the day when the fuel tank isn’t full of muck-muck, and I can safely drive my van. 

This week…I’m searching for a new/after-market fuel tank for our 71 Campmobile.  So far…no luck!  But, I’m kinda stubborn, so I won’t be giving up anytime soon.  Never will I let a little thing like a fuel tank come between me and my van.  No Siree!  This Hippie Chick loves her Westy waaaaay too much to give up that easily. 

Times a wasting…so I’d better get to it.  Happy Travels to All!!  Ching Ching!!!  ;  )

Westfalias & Hippie Chicks: Van’s New Tiki Curtains



I finally finished the van curtains a few weeks back; ‘just now getting around to writing about it though.  So are the days of a Nomad trying to prep for more travels.
If I had my way, we’d live in a different state every MONTH. I really can’t describe this wandering feeling that tends to overcome me when the warm winds begin to blow. Actually (correction), it comes w/o notice, but it is so intense that I can’t possibly ignore it; like a gravitational pull in another direction.
Either way…I’ll be happy to wake up each morning to the new van curtains I designed/sewed just recently. It felt good to create something of such use to us and our privacy/happiness/comfort when we are on the road or camping-out in our Westy.
‘Just a little longer. I can hardly contain my excitement. We’ll soon be seeing the sun rise/set from where ever we land.
Happy Travels to all! ‘Livin the dream!!! Because, life’s too short not to.

Westfalias & Hippie Chicks

So it finally seems we’ll be heading out soon.  *still crossing fingers*  Nico and I have been working on our music a bit tonight; we need a few more to complete a gig.  ‘Guess it might be a while before that happens, but here’s hoping. 

I’ve been rather busy this past week completing the new curtains for our Classic Campmobile.  I just love that old van.  I wonder if it’s possible to be in love with a van?  If it is…then I am!  From the first time I spotted her in a backyard…all lonely and forgotten, I knew I just had to have that particular  Westy.  Come to find out, more than 3 years later, she was destined to be mine after-all.  Cheers to hard-headed women who never give up.  Ching Ching to women like me! 

So, I’m sure I could say more at this point about our upcoming journey (especially since I’ve been w/o my puter for over a week), but I’ll just leave it here for now.  Content to say, or admit, that while I am carrying an aweful lot of guilt for even wanting to go traveling when my oldest daughter will be having a baby around September (guessing), I feel that each day should be lived to the fullest, and living in this big, crazy, land-locked, hub-bub crazy-drivers-everywhere, congested and sprawling city just isn’t the life I want to live. 

Nico and I want to bring Nixi up in a small town, friendly face, slower pace environment.  And hopefully, with much prayer involved, we can establish ourselves and build a home where both of my adult children will want to live and join us…someday soon.  That will be the day when all will be perfect in my life.   I pray…please Father?  I pray…