Pet Peeves: Grown Ups Still Acting Like Cliquish School Kids

August 12th 2010:

Okay People…it’s time to grow up!! The days of gathering in a circle, whispering here….gossiping there, leaving certain people to feel left out of the conversation, should be long-gone; especially if you’re beyond your teen years.


Say you’re at a gathering–you’ve been invited just the same as everyone else–but you don’t seem to be getting the same treatment.  The host & hostess are playing favorites with one group; hobnobbing like a bunch of school kids, acting like a group of teenage kids.  Well, little do they know–and if you’re secure with yourself–they are only making themselves look bad.

Not only are they appearing immature to anyone who is above 6th grade level in their way of thinking and manners, but they are also being rude, exhibiting ‘zero’ class, and coming-across as just plain jealous or envious; trying to deplete you to their level.

If you’re a positive person and you are secure with yourself, you’ll likely never return to that person’s house for more rudeness.  As well, you won’t allow anyone who is so immature and petty to control the world around you and how you are treated.  Be kind to yourself if ever you come across such rude and insensitive behavior from ‘no matter who they are’–escape the insanity as soon as you possibly can.  Life is just too short to spend with a bunch of idiots!

You know who you are!!



One of my all-time absolute biggest pet-peeves is people who say they are going to do something, but never do what they say.  SAY what you MEAN…and MEAN what you SAY!  It’s really not too complicated.

BE about it!  Don’t just TALK about it!


Say there’s this acquaintance of yours–not really a friend, but someone behind a friendly face–who says she bought you something, or she is going to buy you something…say for a baby-shower *heh um*.  Well, first of all, I never asked this person to buy me a thing; second of all, I can buy the damn thing my own self; third of all, they’ve been saying “Oh, I have this ‘such n such’ for you, I’ll bring it…but I’ve been ‘busy”’ *fake…fake…SO fake!*  Three weeks, maybe a month, later–nothing!

Well, what I want to say to that person/fake-friend is…BULLSHIT!  You can’t bullshit a bullshitter!  Yeah…a person can say this, that, or the other…but the proof is in the doing.  ACTIONS…NOT WORDS! Yes, I am pissed!  I never asked anyone for anything that I can buy myself.  I didn’t need that person to do me any favors.  She acts as if I’m desperate or something.  Let me assure her–Hubby and I are perfectly capable of going out and purchasing our own items for our baby; not due for at least another month.

Yes, there is no rush.  But…still, I just don’t like it when someone treats me as though I need their help, when I don’t.  I was very grateful when I first heard this person had bought me this baby item–even though she bought it used, I didn’t mind.  It was sweet of her to think of me.  All was fine.  Well, she shows up at my shower and brought me a nice gift–that would’ve been more than enough.  I sent the thank you card out asap in the days following my shower.

But, at the shower, she says she’s going to bring me this thing by the next week; week passes–nothing.  The following week, same story; she’s going to bring it by, but she’s been busy.  Okay, fine again.  No problem, I’m not worried about it–I won’t need this item for several more months anyway.

So…another week or more goes by, and still nothing.  Now I’m a bit irritated.  Especially since, through word-of-mouth, she’s still planning on bringing the damn thing…finally!  Well, it’s not like I’m sitting here waiting for it.  I have a life to live–I could care less about this damn thing by now.  Hubby is getting rather tired of the ‘stringing along’ as well.  She can keep it at this point!

Well, yesterday we see her and her man at a family party and still, the same story…no goods!  “Oh…I’ve been busy, I’ll bring it by soon.”  Okay, ask me if I care?!  I really don’t give a ‘F’ what you do with the damn thing now!  Hubby and I will buy our own, brand-new, in colors that don’t clash!  Enough is enough!

So…it has been decided (since it was  never really her decision to make)–Hubby and I will be shopping for the item we really want.  As for the ‘item’ that has never materialized from my ‘aquaintance’?  I just don’t have time to worry about it anymore.  I’m just too busy!

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