Waiting on UPS!!

Well, while I sit and wait and wait…and wait some more on the dad-gum UPS man, I thought I’d jot down some thoughts and confessions about a day in my life. ‘Hope I don’t bore you all too much; what with my super exotic lifestyle I’ve been living lately. *yawn*

No…really! It’s not too bad for the most part. I’ve just been a little bummed over lagging sales of my junk listed on ebay. I mean…I finally realize I no longer need all this ‘stuff’ (for lack of a cleaner word), but lo-and-behold, no one wants it! Dammit!!! Dammit!!!! Double Dammit!!!!!
Okay, I’m pissing and moaning over stupid shit. But, I have little more to do–other than clean house, sew some things, get ready for upcoming travels, go to buy groceries, so on and so forth–than wait on the damn UPS man to decide he wants to come pick up this monstrosity of a package on my porch.

You see…? If I go and leave it there, I’m afraid some nosy-parker will come and take it away. Then, I’ll have a very pissed (and I don’t mean drunk) customer on my hands. Not good when you’re trying desperately to get rid of your shit! Bad feedback is like the scarlet letter of ebay. Bad…bad…very bad!

So…I sit and write this senseless little blog post, hoping that my frustrations might make someone out there chuckle or smile. Just knowing (comments are great people!) i’ve made some sort of difference to another soul, really makes it all worth while. ; )

Top of the Day to You All!!


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